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What We Do

Life Preserver Media uses the latest technology, combined with audio, text, photos and/or video elements to capture you or your loved ones' stories, ensuring they're preserved in a “multimedia time capsule” for generations to come.


Our Story

In 2011, Life Preserver Media founder Justin Buehler's grandparents were nearing the ends of their lives. Cleadythe Lorraine Buehler was battling cancer and Hubert Leo Buehler was suffering from Alzheimer's disease.


As the days passed, Justin began thinking about their extraordinary lives and how to capture the stories of their youth, their words of wisdom and their loving personalities to share with future generations.

Determined not to let their memories slip away, Justin began recording conversations with his grandparents, piecing together priceless audio clips, along with family photos and other multimedia elements, to bring their stories to life and memorialize their legacies.


While Cleadythe and Hubert are now gone, their spirits live on, forever encapsulated in the documentary "Labor of Love: A tribute to Cleadythe and Hubert Buehler," which was played at their funeral. The celebration of their lives was so well received by friends and family that Life Preserver Media now preserves stories for other families, and organizations.

We offer four multimedia time capsule packages.

Each package is designed with your occasion and budget in mind.

  • Audio Book

    Preview Audio Book Sample

    Our Audio Book package is perfect for families or individuals who want to have a timeless keepsake to listen to for generations to come.


    We will work with you and/or your family to capture the personality of your loved one, whether that's their favorite phrases, jokes that are often told, or just their signature laugh, and stories of important moments in their life.


    This is a great gift for any special occasion, or "just because." The Audio Book package is also a perfect format to share with other members of the family.


    Click "Preview Audio Book Sample" to hear what we can do for you.

  • Audio Slide Show

    Preview Audio Slide Show Sample

    You've heard that a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, just imagine hearing your loved one talk about the story behind the family photos.


    We'll work with you to ensure the most important photos are used to tell your loved one's stories. We can also build a story around photos that are important to you and your family.


    You can enjoy the Audio Slide Show on your tablet, digital photo frame or computer. It's the perfect gift to give to your friends and family for holidays, anniversaries and major life events.


    Click "Preview Audio Slide Show Sample" to see what we can do for you.

  • Documentary

    View Documentary Sample

    Take the Audio Slide Show of you or your loved ones to the next level with a customized documentary.


    Life Preserver Media can combine your classic home videos with full HD video, priceless photos and audio sound bites to capture their unique memories and celebrate their lives.


    Ask us about designing a website to feature your documentary so you can share with your friends and family online.


    Click "View Documentary Sample" to watch what we can do for you.

  • eBook

    Read eBook Sample

    Life Preserver Media can turn your story into a multimedia eBook that can be shared with family and friends.


    We bring you or your loved one's most important moments to life by combining beautiful typography, cherished photos, crisp audio soundbites and memorable video segments.


    This is the ideal option for families or individuals who desire a robust digital keepsake that can be shared for generations to come.


    Ask us about creating a website to share your polished eBook online.


    Click "Read eBook Sample" to view what we can do for you.


Our multimedia time capsules are perfect for preserving special occasions or "just because." We can create your digital keepsake about these important life events.

  •  Weddings

    Marriage is special occasion that can be brought to life through multimedia. Tell your story about how you first met your other half, and share the moment you knew he or she was “the one.” Give away your story to wedding guests, or preserve it for you and your spouse. Either way, it’s bound to be a special digital keepsake that you’ll cherish always.

  • Anniversaries

    Your love continues to grow, year after year. Do something special for your spouse on your anniversary. Use this occasion to speak from the heart and recall all of the good times you’ve shared. Recall your journey together and remember why you fell in love.

  • Births

    Do you or your loved ones have a new addition to the family? Let us compile all of junior’s precious moments in a multimedia time capsule. From mom talking about the pregnancy, to dad’s thoughts about the new little one, to the new parents’ story about how the baby’s name was chosen, it can all be brought to life and preserved for future generations to come.

  • Birthdays

    Whether turning 21, 40, or 100, recognize you or your loved one's significant milestones with a multimedia time capsule. It's sure to add extra pizazz at birthday parties after they’ve blown out the candles and bring together family and friends who have lost touch over the years.

  • Retirements

    You, your loved one or even your co-worker have made a significant contribution to the company. Take this opportunity to thank them for a job well done, or congratulate their milestone and transition into the next phase of their life. This is a perfect gift for retirement parties and a reminder that co-workers, friends, bosses and neighbors appreciate the job well done!

  • Funerals

    Losing loved ones is not easy. Neither is losing the ones you love. Celebrate their legacy with a multimedia time capsule of their lives. Show friends and family how special your loved one was by remembering them always. This is the perfect gift to share when friends and family come to pay their respects, or even as a parting gift. One thing’s for sure, their story will live on for generations to come.

  • Holidays

    Share with family members what's been happening in the past year with a multimedia time capsule instead of a traditional Christmas card. Express your love and affection to that special someone on Valentine's Day with a digital keepsakes instead of another box of chocolates. The possibilities are endless to make this holiday special, and to make it one to remember.

  • Just Because

    There’s no better time than right now to say “you’re important to me.” No need to wait for a holiday, birthday or anniversary. The person you care about will love this thoughtful gesture and you’ll have something to always remember. Choose this occasion any day, any time, any season.


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